For Senator Victor Lar: A New Role is waiting on the Plateau 1

by: Bamidele Emmanuel

Those that forget their history are bound to repeat it. It’s been a while now since Plateau state became a sovereign state, her wheel had been controlled by series of men with great promises and beautiful antecedents; but it is quite unfortunate that the state could still catch cold at the sneezing of Nigeria economy. Political analyst and economy experts have over the years warned of a dim future for states as the economy of the country began to experience downturn due to mismanagement and misappropriation by our past leaders but it is quite unfortunate that only few state heeded the warnings as over 26 states of the country can not boast of self sufficiency in the face of national economy malady.

​Careful observation of Sen. Victor Lar’s antecedents and previous achievements reveals a man who acknowledges the fact that  Plateau state has every resource within her reins, both in natural and human ounces, to become an economy that is practically wealth-generating, job-creating, and that can essentially sustain itself; making oil revenues from federal allocation be just a bonus and not the main stay of the economy.

Being a well experienced & accomplished politician with seasoned integrity and undaunted loyalty, he is strongly equipped with a properly drafted strategic plan towards governing the state into self sufficiency with major attention on the welfare and financial security of the citizens. This will definitely take serious cognizance of the regular payment of the workers with frequent incentives and bonuses to properly motivate them. He has always italicized the role of solid mineral development and revolutionizing of agriculture in thriving the state economy as well as the encouragement of start-up businesses without neglecting the enticement of big industries.

​My careful observation of the current happenings in the state shows that the state can only experience meaningful development if the citizens of the state can team up with a qualified, competent and ready candidate like Senator Victor Lar, to flush out the lingering lake of maladministration, corruption, debacle, nepotism, favoritism, politics of exclusion, and a continued dearth of purpose and responsibility which has caused our great state to experience a dis-articulated economy, we see a mono-cultural oil dependent economy at the detriment of the industrial sector of our economy, we see education grow old and our teachers suffusing in the inclement condition of hardship resulting in mass illiteracy in geometric proportion among people, doubled with the general social convulsion and a high poverty incidence of 70%.

The recent trends on the media shows how the political atmosphere has been gathering momentum against the 2019 gubernatorial election, lots of sweet promises and sugar coated has been flying round the corners. I am of the candid view that the people of Plateau state will not allow the class of the oppressors to defeat her once again as a more reliable candidate with proven records of competence like Victor Lar will be opted for.  Envisaging the kind of Plateau we all dream of, the man in the government house must be a stickler for integrity and excellence.



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